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เมษายน 2023

“VIVA” the owner gave this name by himself, This word is meaning “Long live” in Latin. This house started from GREENBOX DESIGN was designing “CLOAK HOUSE” which is brother with owner of VIVA HOUSE so we had design two house of this family. Then we must be designed it for good physical and mental health. The environment around this house are factories, warehouse, mangrove forest and slum then VIVA HOUSE must be have private space to create good living for residents. They have two entrances; close to the factory and close to the road. We thinking about lifestyle of this family like “Where they will take off the shoes?” “What type of food they will cook and dine together?” “How the light shines in there?” We try to design this house for everybody in this family always have communication to each other although this house has 1000 square meters. This is one of concepts of our design for “Long live”. Design is not only build bricks, sand and stones but we try to create quality of your live and good living

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