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เมษายน 2023

“ARI HOUSE” is located on Soi Ari, Bangkok. In Thai language “Ari” means kind and generous. This name matches with its location and reflexes its positive meaning, so we called this house the "ARI HOUSE". The "ARI HOUSE"started by a new family which its owners are doctor of medicines and they apparently have a new born little member and wanted to have their own house. Because of the nature of their jobs limits the time the family can spend together. This becomes the key question how the residents can make every minutes count in their future home. Therefore, we must think more how the residents can share the family spaces with comfort on limited time frame they spend in this house together. Surprisingly, the owners felt in love and approved our 1st preliminary design at the first sight. We really appreciated that they have confident on us for designing their space of lives. We believe the good living quality will make happy work life as both doctors will sure pass their happiness forward to their patients.

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