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K.Apanut Nithikultanon , K.Krishna Ampaiwan

"BAN BANJOB" narrates the coexistence of a four-generational family, beginning with the grandma's generation and passing down to the father and mother's generation, then to the son, and finally to the grandchildren's generation. In this recent and unfamiliar area, what can we learn from this, and what should we particularly consider?
The difference in ages reflects contrasting lifestyles, health, and tastes. That's why we prioritize individual differences, along with the central area, to encourage interaction among family members. Each person has their own separate daily routine. For example, grandma always wakes up and sleeps early; however, their children have to arrive home late at night because of the family's business, affecting their waking hours. Additionally, another factor in designing this house is to accommodate the family's expansion and provide support for the elders in the future.
In an uncrowded 800-square-meter area, located opposite a kindergarten music school and surrounded by neighboring constructed houses, an orchid nursery in the back, and many neglected lands, various contextual aspects come to light. We aim to investigate the phenomena occurring in this area, including the noise from the school during different periods, particularly when children are arriving and departing, as well as the parental driving activity associated with dropping off their kids at school, which may pose safety concerns for the family. Additionally, we seek to explore the potential impact of the neglected area, particularly concerning the types of fertilizer and fungicide used in the nearby orchid nursery, on the residents of the house
We began the design process by incorporating criteria derived from various functions to align with the characteristics of the area. For example, for individuals who wake up late, we selected the highest and farthest area of the house from the school, considering that sound in the afternoon may follow a curved path back to the ground due to atmospheric pressure. This design choice aims to minimize sound transmission to the rooms. Conversely, for the family members who wake up early, sleeping areas are situated towards the front of the house.
This home is truly designed as two separate entities coming together to ensure the undisturbed space for each individual. The grandma, together with the mother and father, occupies one side, while the children have their space on the other side, each with a separate entrance. The sound from one side does not disturb the other. However, we maintain a connection between these two "houses" by prioritizing the significant courtyard and swimming pool area as a shared space for qualitative accessibility on the first and second floors. This design allows for a free space that separates the two sections. Nevertheless, there is also a pathway provided for the father and mother to conveniently cross between the two sides for the purpose of raising their grandchild. For this reason, the house is being known as ‘BAN BUNJOB’.
If we focus on the overall view of this house, the building's form has been developed through the principles of modern architecture, considering the arrangement of functions and their causes and effects, resulting in a novel appearance. The sloped roof, starting from the highest point on one side and gradually tilting to reach the same level as the other side in a U-shape design, is intended to minimize disturbance to the upper room. Additionally, we designed this tall building to cast shade over the courtyard in the afternoon until sunset, where the family spends the most time outdoors. Despite the modern features of this house, our primary focus is ensuring satisfaction for the four generations residing within. The house's aesthetic is characterized by natural materials, such as grey terracotta bricks, giving the massive structure an ordinary appearance while softening its overall look with friendly light reflection for neighbors. Additionally, we opted for genuine wood in many parts of the building to impart warmth to the house's surfaces, complemented by white-colored walls reminiscent of a gallery to show artworks, which holds significance for the owner.
We expect that the results of our dedicated efforts in being considerate of this house will allow the architecture to perfectly fulfill its responsibility in serving our intended purpose

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